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Something Really Fabulous Has Happened

My friend Jackie used to ask me how am I doing? I always wanted to talk to her about my toxic family. And she would always tell me really how are YOU doing? About three weeks ago she took me to meet her friends. They are part of an organization that's called Beyond Brokenness. They prayed for me, and believe it or not, I have something great to tell everyone. They prayed that God would break all the chains from generational bondage in my family. Let me explain. My son has mental illness and it was passed down from his grandfather. I thought it skipped me, but I too was suffering from depression from many years ago. Since they prayed for me something really fabulous has happened. Things changed. They prayed for my son Jeremy to be ok because his aunt had just passed away and funerals always bring the worst out of him. Usually he gets so depressed and has to go to the hospital because he's not able to handle or cope with the stress of funerals. Well when they prayed, God really showed up and showed out. Jeremy was all right during the funeral, and the next day he told me he had to go to work. Since then he told me he wants to go back to school and he wants to get a job in the medical field. He told me he's tired of people judging him, that God gave him a mind and he wants to use it. Isn't that wonderful? He’s been different and more loving ever since our prayer session. Also, my sister was always complaining and talking about suicide. One day she told me she wanted to jump in front of a car and end her life. I told her to pray and believe it and, she did!!! Now she believes in God and she said He’s the only way, and He can help her in all situations. God is so wonderful and so good so if you're going through anything in your life always remember to believe in God and have faith that He’s in control, not us.

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