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Spirit of Fear is GONE!

Back in September of 2022 I was in the darkest part of my life. I was being tormented by the spirit of fear so much to the point that I was begging God to help me or kill me. I started researching anything I could and came across Isaiah Saldivar. Before this I had never heard of deliverance ministry and had been a Christian my whole life. Everything he was saying was making so much sense, so I went on his deliverance map and found Beyond Brokenness.

This was the blessing I had desperately been pleading with God for. After I spoke on the phone with Jamie and we set up a session I finally felt hopeful and began counting down the days. When the day came they made me feel extremely comfortable. I immediately felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and I knew I was in the right place! I left that session delivered and the spirit of fear was defeated! I’ve recently done another session and we worked on forgiveness and these ladies do not mess around. All honor and Glory to God and the work He has done through this ministry and these amazing people. I cannot thank them enough. Because of them and their obedience and pursuit of God’s calling on their life my life is forever changed!

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