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Our bodies are the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6:19) and our homes are the dwelling place of our bodies. Beyond Brokenness partners with service providers to make sure that as we walk beside our recipients in spirit and soul, their physical dwelling place goes beyond brokenness as well.

Beyond Brokenness

Hold Harmless Agreement

Volunteers and Service Recipients

I hereby accept the duties and responsibilities that are associated with being a volunteer or service recipient with Beyond Brokenness. In consideration of being able to serve as a volunteer, or as a recipient of services, I do hereby release and discharge Beyond Brokenness and its volunteers, employees and agents from any and all loss or damage. I also release Beyond Brokenness from any and all claims of damage resulting therefore, on account of injury to a person or property, including any injury arising from the performance of or by a volunteer and said volunteers' responsibilities or duties.

I hereby release, hold harmless, and indemnify, Beyond Brokenness its staff and volunteers from any and all liability in connection with its community service programs and or events. 

I likewise hold harmless from liability Beyond Brokenness and any person transporting me to and from volunteer locations and understand that Beyond Brokenness is not responsible for transportation, those arrangements are solely my responsibility.

By completing the form below, you are agreeing to this Hold Harmless Agreement.

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