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ReNewed Life

After going through a year of off and on hospitalizations and several very serious surgeries for my son I was left feeling spiritually, physically, and emotionally drained to my core. I was painfully exhausted every day. Many days I would have to take 3 naps just to make it to bedtime. It was affecting all areas of my life. I had little to no energy. For the most part I was living a healthy lifestyle and my tests at the doctor's were all coming back normal. I had finally just concluded that I was suffering from PTSD from seeing my son go through a traumatic illness and "only time" would heal me. After attending the Beyond Brokenness courses I realized that I wasn't dealing with a physical or mental issue. What I was dealing with was much deeper than this. I was dealing with something spiritual. Through a series of traumatic events in my life a doorway was opened which allowed the spirit of heaviness to come over me. During my individual prayer session with Amy, Jamie, and Brian I had revelation after revelation as the Holy Spirit spoke through them and revealed many things to me. As Amy and Jamie prayed over me through the Holy Spirit the spirit of heaviness was lifted from me and I physically felt it move through my body and leave me. It was one the most profound spiritual moment I've personally experienced in my life other than when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Every since the prayer session I have experienced more joy, energy, and hope than I've experienced in a very long time. My family has experienced it as well. I have taken the tools that I learned in Beyond Brokenness and applied it to helping my family be released from things that were keeping them in bondage as well. There's no doubt that Amy, Jamie, and Brian are Spirit filled and love the Lord and helping to set captives free.

Blessings, Jennifer Greene

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