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I can drive again!

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

I’d like to share a little about what God has been doing in my life through the people here at Beyond Brokenness. To do that, though, I have to tell you where I’ve been. I’ve been through a lot of trauma and abuse in my past which has led to a lot of labels that have stuck with me: shame, fear, rejection, unworthiness, unloveable just to name a few. And then a couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri which is an elevation in your spinal cord pressure to your brain which gives you migraines, affects your balance and paralyzes the optic nerves giving you double vision. They did brain surgery to insert a shunt which eliminated the headaches and the balance issues but left me with the double vision. So, for over two years now, I haven’t been able to drive and have been dependent on others for a lot of my basic needs.

I’ve been through therapy for years for help with my past. While I’ve had some progress here and there, I’ve never experienced true freedom and healing before. When you hit rock bottom and become suicidal, that’s when you start searching for something more. So, I’ve finally found myself on a journey these last eight months with the help of an amazing Christian life coach, Jamie Hester, who has shown me what life can look like with God at the center realizing that He is my divine Healer and the only answer I need.

I followed through with believer’s baptism, and a couple of months later, He took those labels that I had been wearing for so long from me as I ripped them up and laid them at His feet at the altar.

I’ve been to doctors, had surgery, taken medication for help with my eyes, but I was stuck with little relief from the double vision.. However, God showed up big for me again. Jamie Hester and Amy Buchanan came and prayed over my eyes, and they told me to wake up every morning and thank God for healing me as if He already had. I did that faithfully every day. Well, within 2 days, I was seeing 100% clear when I looked straight ahead and it was as if a fog was starting to lift. Each day, I could gradually see a little more clearly in the peripheral vision on the right side and then on the weaker left side. Within a week after the prayer for healing, I could say I was 100% healed and can see 100% with single vision!!! I finally have my miracle! After not being able to drive for over 2 years, I finally climbed back into my van and regained my independence and my freedom!

They prayed over my house, and He began showing me things that week that needed to be purged that were not of Him. They also prayed for deliverance, and God delivered me from spirits of shame, fear, rejection and trauma!!! In turn, He filled me with the fruits of His spirit. In the weeks following, I noticed such a change in me and my demeanor, my posture, my countenance. My family and friends say that I seem like a new person. I just can’t get enough of God, and I give Him all the glory for what He’s doing. I am so grateful to the amazing women at Beyond Brokenness for allowing God to use them as His vessels for obtaining healing and freedom in Christ.

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