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Christian Health and Wellness Coaching 


During our sessions we will discuss specific aspects of your daily life that may need tweaking in order to achieve better physical health.


When we give our bodies the nutrients they need and reduce our toxic load, our bodies have the ability to recover and be restored.   

Toxic Free Living

- nontoxic                    alternatives

  to everyday              household,                beauty, and              personal                    hygiene products

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-body system   education

-dietary   suggestions

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Massage Therapies

- lymphatic

  detox massage


- raindrop massage

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- Nutritional                  supplement                suggestions

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We have learned that the majority of physical ailments that people experience actually originate as emotional trauma.

As such, we have seen far greater healing, both physical and emotional, through understanding how our bodies hold onto trauma.

It is our goal to make way for the Lord to work in each and every wellness coaching session, lymphatic session, or raindrop session to free people of the baggage that prevents them from having total wellness and vitality. 

Concrete Wall


After going through a year of off and on hospitalizations and several very serious surgeries for my son I was left feeling spiritually, physically, and emotionally drained to my core.  After attending the Beyond Brokenness courses I realized that I wasn't dealing with a physical or mental issue. I was dealing with something spiritual. During my individual prayer session with Amy, Jamie, and Brian I had revelation after revelation as the Holy Spirit spoke through them and revealed many things to me. Ever since the prayer session I have experienced more joy, energy, and hope than I've experienced in a very long time. ~Jennifer

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