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What does the path to
healing look like?

There are many avenues to choose from when taking the steps towards health and healing.


We believe that God is the ultimate healer, that His ways are higher than our own, and that He wants nothing more than to restore His children to physical, emotional, and spiritual victory in the name of Jesus.  

Through our intensive prayer sessions, Christian life coaching, and wellness education/health sessions, Beyond Brokenness can meet you where you are and walk with you on your journey.

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The Lord delights to talk to us! Sometimes, due to a variety reasons, we can't hear Him.

In our prayer sessions we walk you though a time of listening to what the Holy Spirit wants to say to you and what His heart is for you. 


Sometimes, we get really stuck in the way we think, the way we feel, and what we "want" (or believe we want). Through our Christian Life Coaching, you can set up ongoing appointments to talk through the issues from your past or what you are going through currently. Coaching is designed to help with perspective shifts, forward thinking behavior changes, and learning to walk in truth. 





Our body is the outermost part of ourselves. It needs to be taken care of so that we can best function in this world. Through a variety of tactics from reducing toxins to adding supplements, we will walk with you to develop healthy habits. Your body was designed to thrive, sometimes it just needs a little help along the way.

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