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Christ Centered Life Coaching 

I once thought that I needed to figure out

all of my problems on my own.

Then God reminded me of who He is

and who I am in Him.
That changed EVERYTHING.
- Jamie Hester

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Don't BELIEVE these lies...
MOVE towards truth and healing!

Nothing will
ever change!

No One Cares...

Everything is
against me...

I am all alone!

God's Plan

God intended for us to walk through our life knowing who He is and knowing who we are in Him.   His intention is that we build our life on this solid foundation.

Every Other Plan

Our flesh, the world, and the prince of this world (Satan), all have another plan. It is to create confusion, distraction and division to get us off track from what God has planned for us!

The Problem

Due to our weaknesses, our sin patterns, our past wounds, and lies we believe, it can feel like our lives are a mess.

We begin to walk out a plan that is not from God.

A Solution

We work together to uncover these hard, hurtful, negative areas of bondage. Then we flip those upside down and start walking in freedom, on God's plan, using His liberating TRUTHS!

Concrete Wall


After going through a year of off and on hospitalizations and several very serious surgeries for my son I was left feeling spiritually, physically, and emotionally drained to my core.  After attending the Beyond Brokenness courses I realized that I wasn't dealing with a physical or mental issue. I was dealing with something spiritual. During my individual prayer session with Amy, Jamie, and Brian I had revelation after revelation as the Holy Spirit spoke through them and revealed many things to me. Ever since the prayer session I have experienced more joy, energy, and hope than I've experienced in a very long time. ~Jennifer

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